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Randall Knife #23 "Gamemaster" / Stag


De Leon Knife X1 Hunter / Stag
De Leon Knife JF Subhilt Fighter
De Leon Knife A1 Subhilt Fighter
De Leon Bowie / Fighting Knife
De Leon 7" VN Fighting Knife
De Leon 8" VN Fighting Knife
De Leon TB Bowie Knife / Stag


Mad Dog Knives Bearcat / Etched TM
Mad Dog Knives Coyote / VVTL
Mad Dog Knives "ATAK Thing" / Rare
Randall Combat Companion / Full Tang


James Behring, Jr. Skinner / Musk Ox
James Behring, Jr. Hunter / Stag
Vaughn Neeley Custom 5.5" SG
Dave Beck WSK / Tracker Knife
Martin Knives WSK Set / Prototype
WC Davis Knife / Embellished
Joe Watson Acid Etched Spearpoint


Rob Bayley Bear Grylls Signature
Randall #2-5 "Boot Knife" / JRB
Randall Made Knife #4-5 Skinner
Randall Knife #7-4.5" Fisherman – Hunter
Randall Knife #11 "Alaskan Skinner"


Dave Beck Two Knife Tandem Set
Vaughn Neeley SFB II / Prototype
Vaughn Neeley SX / Prototype
Vaughn Neeley SF "Survival Chute" #47
Vaughn Neeley SES HH / Prototype
Andy Wood First Blood Sheaths
Randall Knife "CC Stanaback Special" / Stag
Randall Knife "CC Stanaback Special" / Maroon Micarta
Randall Knife "CC Stanaback Special" / Fingered Stag
Randall Tailor's Knife / Non Catalog
Randall "Triathlete" / Non Catalog
Randall #1-7 "Fighting Knife" / 1960's
Randall Knife #15 Solingen Fighter


Robert Loveless "Delaware Maid" #2


Jim Behring "Hunter" / Red Stag
Jim Behring HM Hunter / Musk Horn
RMJ Tactical Kestral Feather / 13"
Winkler Knives II Utility Knife
Winkler Knives II Camp Axe


Dave Beck "Corvus" / Limited Edition


Vaughn Neeley Yoroi Toshi #028
Farid Mehr Custom Utility Knife
Farid Mehr Knife / Custom Integral
Bawidamann Blades Custom SKULD


Bill Sanders Survival Knife Sheath
Lile Knives 12" Rambo Sheath
Jimmy Lile Folding Knife / Engraved
Jimmy Lile 2 Knife Set / Engraved
Jimmy Lile Knife "All Steel" / Rare
Jimmy Lile Knife / All Steel "Poker"
Jimmy Lile Chute Knife / Micarta
Jimmy Lile Old Style #22 Boot Knife
Jimmy Lile Old Style #22 Boot Knife / Ivory


James Behring, Jr. Prototype Kukri
Randall Knife #4-7 / Cerakote Finish
Randall Knife #19 "Bushmaster" / JRB
Farid Mehr Custom Chopping Knife


Jimmy Lile Ivory Bowie Knife / 1 Only
Rob Bayley S4 Survival Knife
RMJ Tactical S13 "Shrike" / Camo
Vaughn Neeley SA9 HH / Prototype
Vaughn Neeley SG / Prototype
Vaughn Neeley Tanto Prototype
Vaughn Neeley Yoroi Prototype
Vaughn Neeley Skinner / Prototype
Vaughn Neeley SC Prototype
Vaughn Neeley SD Prototype
Vaughn Neeley FA Prototype


Jim Behring Crown Stag Hunter
Jim Behring "Woodmonk" / Musk Horn


Jim Behring Alaskan / Beautiful Stag
Jim Behring Camp Knife / Ivory Tip
Dave Beck Two Knife Tandem Set
Rob Bayley S4 Survival Knife
Mad Dog "Voodoo Frog" Sheaths
Randall Knife "Stanaback Special" #094
Randall Fireman's Knife / Non Catalog


Bell & Ross BR03-92 "Military"


Jimmy Lile "Frontier Bowie" / Unused
Jimmy Lile Fillet Knife / SFG Stag
Jimmy Lile Big 7 Upswept / 1 Only
Jimmy Lile Big 7 / Script Signed
Jimmy Lile Big 7 / Embellished
Jimmy Lile 4" Boot Knife / Stag
Jimmy Lile Ivory Boot Knife / Scrimmed


Gil Hibben Rambo III #137 of 350
Gil Hibben Rambo IV #91 of 100
Robert Parrish LWT Survival Knife
Busse Combat Knife / Prototype 1 of 9
Rudy Ruana Knife "Smokejumper"
Rudy Ruana Knife "Smokejumper"
Vintage Gerber Mark I #8755
Lile Knives 1-Off "Rambo – The Mission"


Dave Beck WSK / Tracker Knife
James Behring, Jr. "F1" #021 / Coyote
James Behring, Jr. "F1" #023 / Green
James Behring, Jr. "F1" #024 / Coyote


Vaughn Neeley Ltd. Edition Tanto


Mad Dog Knives "Coyote" / VVTL
Randall #18 "All Stainless" / Knurled / RARE
Randall #1-8 "Fighting Knife" / 1960's
James Behring, Jr. "F1" #015 / Camo
James Behring, Jr. "F1" #018 / Black


James Behring, Jr. "F1" #022 / Mint
Randall Combat Companion / Full Tang


James Behring, Jr. 3" Hoof Pick


Mad Dog Knives "Texas Hunter" / Etched
Mad Dog Knives Bug-Bug #002 / VVTL
Mad Dog Knives Mirage X-Hunter
Mad Dog Knives "Warlock" / VVTL
Randall Knife #4-6 "Fighter" / Nice Options
Randall #1-7 Fighting Knife / Standard
Randall "Stanaback Special" / 25 Year
Randall Knife "Denmark Special"
Randall Knife "GTR Special" / Nice!
Randall Knife "Denmark Special"
Randall Knife "Andy Thornal Special"
Randall #1-5 "Fighting Knife"
Randall Knife #3-5 "Hunter" / Loaded
Randall Knife #3-5 "Hunter" / Stag
Randall Knife "Hunter" / Fingered Stag
Randall Knife #18-7.5 Attack & Survival


Mad Dog Knives Mirage X-EOD / Rare!
RMJ Tactical Jenny Wren / TAD
Jimmy Lile "Jim Weaver Model"
Jimmy Lile Model 6 / Fingered Wood
Jimmy Lile "Hunter" / Old! Old! Old!
Jimmy Lile 6" New Orleans Bowie


James Behring, Jr. HM "Woodcraft" / SS!
James Behring, Jr. "Skinner" / Nice!
James Behring, Jr. 5-1/8" Dagger / Stag
James Behring, Jr. Tanto Fighter
Dave Beck WSK / Tracker Knife
Dave Beck WSK Replacement Sheath
Jurgen Schanz WSK Survival Knife
RJ Martin Knife "Moxie" / Mint
Chris Reeve Mark IV / Vintage
Rudy Ruana Knife / 14B / Big M
Jimmy Lile Knife / Script Signed / User
Jimmy Lile Big 7 / Ivory / Embellished
Jimmy Lile Mini Reg 7 / Custom
Jimmy Lile Reg 7 / Nice Stag
Jimmy Lile 5" Boot Knife / Micarta
Jimmy Lile Reg 7 "All Steel"


Randall Knife #12-8 "Bear Bowie" / Unused
Treeman "Skyhook" Prototype / Black
Treeman "Skyhook" Prototype / Brown
Treeman "Skyhook" Prototype / Coyote Camo
Jim Behring "Woodmonk" / Custom Copper
James Behring, Jr. Skinner Combination


Randall Knife #12-6 Sportsman's Bowie
Randall Knife #14 Attack / Riveted JRB
Randall Knife "Sergeant's Model" / Stag
Randall Knife "Sergeant's Model" / IW
Randall Knife #1-7 / SS / Micarta
Randall Knife #1-8 / Nice Options
Randall Knife #1-8 / Great Options
Randall Knife #11-5 "Alaskan Skinner"


Jimmy Lile 9" Sly II Survival Knife
Dwaine Carrillo / Airkat "Moni-tor"
Warren Thomas Prototype Folding Knife
Dwaine Carrillo / Airkat Knives "M1"
Dwaine Carrillo / Airkat "Gutwrench"
RMJ Tactical Kestral Feather / 13"
RMJ Tactical Shrike / Desert Camo
Swamp Rat Rodent Rucki / Custom
Vaughn Neeley SES Survival Knife
9 Norton Lily White Washita Stones


Mad Dog Knives - COMING SOON
SK Knives "Collision Flipper" / C.O.A.


Winkler II Field Knife / TAD Edition
Winkler Knives II Camp Axe / TAD
Ruana Knife 25AC Custom Bowie Clip
Dave Beck Bushcraft / Ivory Micarta
Martin Knives WSK Tracker Prototype
Martin Knives WSK Tracker Prototype / Black Canvas
SK Knives 1-Off Fighing Knife
Morseth Cascade Skinner / Crown Stag
Sniper Bladeworks POC / Red G10
Sniper Bladeworks DH / Orange G10
Sniper Bladeworks 1-Off DMF / Custom
Sniper Bladeworks 1-Off LPC


Lile Knives Next Gen FH / 2013
Jimmy Lile Knife / Embellished Ivory
Jim Behring 5" Hunter / Crown Stag
Jim Behring HM Hunter / Yellow Micarta
Jim Behring 6" Hunter / Amber Stag
Jim Behring 6" HM Hunter / Nice Stag
Jim Behring 6" Skinner / Awesome Stag
Jim Behring 6-1/4" HM Skinner / Stag
James Behring, Jr. HM Hunter / Nice!!
James Behring, Jr. Gut Hook Cleaver
James Behring, Jr. Mini Camp Hatchet
James Behring, Jr. "Skinner" / Hippo
James Behring, Jr. Crotch Stag Fighter
James Behring, Jr. Spearpoint Fighter


TAD Gear Dauntless MK3 / Ranger Green
TAD Gear Dauntless MK3 / Black G10
Randall Knife "Sergeant's Model" / Custom
Randall Knife "Stanaback Special" / Loaded
Randall Knife #2-7 "Fighting Stiletto"
Randall Knife #19 "Bushmaster / Custom
Randall Knife #25-5 / Stoddard's U.S.A.
Randall Knife Mini #27 "Trailblazer"
Randall JRB Knife Sheath / #1-8
Floyd Byrd Riveted Roughback Sheath
Randall #1-6 "Fighting Knife" / Unused
Randall #1-8 "Fighting Knife" / Sep S
Randall #2-5 "Boot Knife" / Ivory
Randall Knife #19 "Bushmaster" / JRB


James Behring, Jr. 4" Hoof Pick
Vaughn Neeley Special Forces Bowie #34


Sullivan Riveted Roughback Sheaths
Randall Knife #9-10 "Pro Thrower"
Randall Knife #15 "Airman" CDT / JRB
Spyderco Catcherman / USN Edition
James Behring, Jr. "Badlander" #002
James Behring, Jr. 4" Cotton Sampler
James Behring, Jr. 5" Cotton Sampler
James Behring, Jr. "F1" #005 / Mint


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